Uber Bowie.

Heart felt true love and dedication pours out of us here at Uber Optics. I have been coming out of my skin all day long with this news. David Bowie's impact on the world was completely universal and if you have any soul, you have been affected by him leaving this earth.

If David Bowie taught me anything about being artistic it wasn’t about picking one path of expression, but instead, to live creatively in many directions.

Thanks to my sweet little Gia for being so patient with me today with my sadness, blasting Bowie all day, and using her face as a palate to release some angst. The first time Gia's face has ever had real makeup on it.. it's in the form of Ziggy Stardust.

No child was harmed during this photoshoot, Gia's pupils and hair were photoshopped by my talented sister and graphic designer Amy Koenig.