Nancy has been in Optical for about 28 years. Yep. 28 years. She grew up in a little town outside of Detroit, MI and started out at a small Optical shop doing data entry. She decided that she had had enough of Michigan weather and got in her car and drove until she couldn’t drive anymore and ended up in San Luis Obispo, CA. While going to Cal Poly, she worked full time at a local Optical shop called Urban Optics and within a year, started managing. After 10 years of managing that great little shop she was blind sided by falling in love and moved to Northern California and worked at Rims and Goggles in Marin for nearly 6 years. As love would have it, she had a couple of kids and she and her family moved to Petaluma, CA. Nancy’s husband Joost helped entertain the idea of opening a cool and groovy Optical Boutique on Kentucky St… and there you have it. Uber Optics was born in 2013. 

Addictions: Rock concerts and photography. All photos on this website are taken by her. She loves to make her customers feel like rockstars. Dream side job: Photographing for Rollingstone. 



Elizabeth has been in Optical for 26 years. From the fresh young age of 17, Elizabeth got her Optical feet wet in a small Optometry office in Novato, CA. Trained by the doctor, she started in the front office but soon became ABO certified and moved into pre testing, contact lens training, frame buying and pretty much managing the office for 8 years. She wanted more. She realized her passion was fulfilled working with high end eyewear and independent optical boutiques. Moving forward, she went to work for a boutique in Marin county where she sold amazing independent eyewear as well as cut and edged lenses in the onsite lab.

Elizabeth took a 5 year hiatus and while raising her children worked in the mortgage business as a loan officer. The work was consuming and it was becoming a 60 hour work week and extremely stressful. Thankfully, Optical was in her core and she was able to slip back into it unscathed. She worked a few more years in Marin and as luck would have it, her friend Nancy opened up Uber Optics in the town of Petaluma where she resides. In December 2013, she came on board and it’s been a party ever since.

Addictions: A good bagel from Acre coffee. Exploring a new getaway with her family and friends. A beautiful hiking trail. Keeping her life tidy.



Jenn has been in optical for 30 some odd years. She was born and raised in Syracuse, NY and that was where all the magic began to happen. Jenn’s first job was a file clerk in a small Optometrist office back when she was just a pup. Moving forward, she started working full-time for a chain optical store called Eye World (yes, really). There she obtained optician apprenticeship. Then the 90’s hit and things started to get crazy. She started attending Erie Community College in Williamsville, NY and earned an A.A.S. in Applied Science for Ophthalmic Dispensing. She really started to kick some Optical butt and received her ABO, NCLE and NY State Licensure in Ophthalmic Dispensing and Contact Lens Fitting. All the while, developing into a super amazing style guru, she got a wild curly hair and moved to San Francisco and worked for Lenscrafters, private practice Leona Landers, OD and Eyedare Optometry. She then, really kicked it into high gear and got into high-end eyewear at City Optix in San Francisco.

In the midst of her San Francisco life, she married a childhood friend, started a family, moved to Marin and worked for Rims and Goggles for 13 years. Her R&G cohort, Nancy, started Uber Optics and Jenn decided to come along for the ride…. and Jenn is highly skilled, sarcastic in the best way possible, hilarious and necessary. 

Addictions: Rock concerts with Nancy. Speaking French. Making sure her family is solid and happy. 

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Jess has been in optical for about seven-ish years. She was born in Santa Rosa, CA but raised in various town in California, Oregon and Utah. Her first job in high school was at Uptown Optometry in Santa Rosa. For a short span of time, she worked at Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio, and then Michael’s Arts & Crafts (because she’s crafty)! Most people don’t know that she worked at Oliver’s Market and drove a forklift which, to us, is the highlight of her resume. I mean, come on… nothing says safety like a 20 year old driving a forklift. Jess is always striving to be smarter than the average bear so she attended the SRJC and received three Associate’s degrees before transferring to UC Santa Cruz where she excelled in Environmental Studies and Economics. While attending UCSC, she worked at EyeQ Optometry in downtown Santa Cruz where she really learned the big guns in high end optical. Jess is a sneaker, the quiet type … yet pounces with the best humor and keeps us laughing all day.

Addictions: Live music, craft beer, and cuddling with any dog or cat that crosses her path.